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Peggy ireland4c 230Maggie in Ireland  Maggie Clark (aka Peggy Clark) has worked with her hands creating pottery for many years. A fifth-generation Floridian, Peggy was raised in Madison, Florida, where she learned to appreciate the beauty of Florida and nature. Often retreating back to her family river home for rejuvenation and reflection. Early influences were the strong woman figures in her life. Aunt Corrie Tucker lived in Blountstown, Florida and spent most of her final years out on the family fish camp at Jack Lake. Maggie's grandmothers, Maggie Clark, and Rosalie Priest were both very strong independent and creative women.


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  Studying art and receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of South Florida, she recalls her early influences in art - Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keefe, Marc Chagal and others. She first studied at Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, the world's oldest college for women, and emerged herself in the art scene at an early age. Later specializing in ceramics, graphic arts and print making.   Maggie then spent the next twenty years as a professional graphic artist and eventually obtained a positon of director of the Pasco County print shop, which she held for 8 years. She then started her own printing business that she operated for almost 15 years. Once the computer came into the print industry, she was one of the early adopters of technology, investing in a Macintosh computer and laser printer. She was one of the first printers in the area to switch to computer-based graphic layout and design with Adobe Pagemaker ver 1.0 , Adobe Postscript fonts, and other advancements that later changed the entire print industry. Maggie also is an accomplished photographer, with several of her photos currently being used on commerical websites. Having worked with typography, silk screen, print-making and drawing and painting, she continued her work with her first love in art - pottery, while maintaining a local print shop.  


IMG 0080-v1 Maggie is inspired by ancient art forms, including the designs and icons of the Celtic Crosses. She has studied and photographed hundreds of Irish Celtic Crosses throughout Ireland. Her Celtic Cross designs are from orignal rubbings and photographs of articles she found during her trips to Ireland. After almost 20 years in the printing industry, Maggie sold her print business and went back to her roots - pottery. Maggie now works part-time and teaches pottery classes in a local pottery shop in San Antonio, Florida. She considers herself blessed, being able to continue her art and continue to learn and experience other artforms including the fiber arts. She enjoys gardening and yoga.